Gold and Indian Rupee has a very unique correlation, In this article I will explain how Indian Rupee movement impact Gold prices. Traders have a habit of buying gold whenever there is inflation in the economy, so in other words, Gold act as inflation hedge for many big traders. So when you see inflation in Indian economy then surely there will be buying in Gold.

Another instance of buy into gold is, when Indian rupee depreciates i.e. when it looses it value. Everything in country gets costly and so is the case with gold. Hence, gold will become costly and so traders buy into gold for this reason. Other than these two factors, demand and supply also contributes to the prices of gold. Demand for gold generally increases in festive season of Diwali and on the beginning of marriage season.

Example: If international gold price is going up; in India if INR (Rupee) depreciates against us dollar then, we are going to see gold price quoted in Indian rupees will go higher by higher percentage when compared to international prices.


Upside Breakout possible in Gold Silver, Patterns on Weekly chart

by Bhaveek Patel

It has been few months I haven’t written about precious metals, But accidentally saw the charts today. I found that COMEX gold and silver is ready for breakout from its descending triangle pattern, in this case I am expecting a positive breakout. Look at the weekly charts of silver as I see its ready for a breakout (may be in few weeks) see below chart. But gold may take some time for giving a breakout […]

Short Term Strategy: Gold Trading near its Strong Support, Buy Gold Above 1694, Target 1746

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The strength in USD was responsible for huge selling in Gold, as the dollar index was seen above 77 level today. So not only Gold but also Silver and Crude were hit by this USD strength. We see that Gold is trading near its strong support zone of 1694 level so traders can accumulate gold at this level for short term targets as 1746 and then 1777 levels. Demand for this yellow metal is still […]

Huge Selling Seen in Gold Last Week, We Advice Gold Traders to Add Short Position in Gold Next Week

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Gold is considered as safe heaven asset in the time of uncertainty, but decline that we have seen last week was just because of strength in US Dollar. We believe that USD will see more strength in the coming week. As in the bad times (recession) we always see major strength in USD. So this weakness in Gold was mainly due to strong US Dollar, the near term strength should be reason for weakness in […]

Gold will See a Bubble Only Above 2350, till then we are looking for Buying Positions in Gold

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Gold may move sideways for sometime now and but we are still sure that asset bubble is still far away at this point of time. So still it attractive from the buyers point of view, gold is still considered as safe heaven asset. We are suggesting that above the 2350 level gold will be a asset bubble for then. The recent price action suggested that consolidation is ruling the gold market right now, so this […]

Trading Gold with Technical Analysis, How should I trade Gold today, Buy or Sell

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Gold has made new all time high today morning and this move was a clear sign that gold has become the safe heaven for the uncertain stock markets. Even the news that S&P has downgraded US Economy from its AAA rating to AA+ has been taken seriously by market participants. Today we will be trading Gold by using Fibonacci retracement level in our trading and the trade confirmation with the help of Slow Stochastic indicator […]