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Ajanta pharma (NSE code: AJANTPHARM), is one of the most outperforming stocks in the pharmaceutical sector. On weekly chart we have seen an excellent trading pattern, we see stock has been in uptrend and this has made us to look for only long positions.

Here on the weekly chart, we have noticed a crossover on slow stochastic indicator which is a signal to buy into Ajanta Pharma stock around 390 to 360 zone for a medium target as 480 and then 515 level. While placing stop loss just below 330 level. Here we see a positive risk:reward ratio, which make the trade really worth taking. Article written on 21 December 12.

See weekly chart of AJANTPHARM:

Ajanta Pharma Weekly Chart Ajanta Pharma Weekly Chart


Midcap Stock Trading 20 Microns Limited: How is short term outlook?

by Bhaveek Patel

This company mainly produce the plastic related goods. It was listed on NSE on 6 October 2008, When we look at the technical’s of this stock we see that it has given a positive breakout on the 27 May 2011, when the stock was up more than 5%. Also closing above its important moving averages like 200 SMA, 50 SMA and 20 SMA. The technical indicators are also showing the continuation of its bullish trend […]

Midcap pick For Short term Trading: Buy ABB At CMP for Long term Target 960, Bullish Momentum seen

by Bhaveek Patel

ABB Ltd. is one of the oldest listed company trading on NSE, it was listed on NSE on 8 February 1995. ABB has been in its intermediate up trend and we are now looking for only buying opportunities as long as the up trend continues. The technical studies on this stock suggest that it has a very good (strong) support at 780 level. Investor must start accumulating this stock near the 800 zone for near […]

Long term Outlook for Aarti Drugs, Midcap Stocks with High Return on Investments

by Bhaveek Patel

Aarti Drugs Ltd. was is one of the oldest listed companies, it was listed on 13 October 1996. This company works in the pharma sector and has many popular products. Our advice on the stock of AARTIDRUGS, at the current market price (CMP) of 130 we are seeing this stock to under perform in the near term, also our outlook for this stock is slightly bearish from current levels we will accumulate this stock only […]

Stock At Resistance: Short sell Vijaya Bank Future near 55 to 56, Target 51 level, Poor Q3 Results

by Bhaveek Patel

Vijaya bank has declared its Q3 results on Wednesday and this quarter was a lag for the bank. The Q3 profit of company has declined by 18% to Rs.124 crore against Rs.152 crore in same period last year. Net interest income (NII) declined to Rs.475 crore, major dragger was the NPA (Non performing asset) it stood at Rs.997 crore against Rs.599 crore in the previous year. This was fundamentals, now lets get into the technical […]

Midcap Stock: Buy Syndicate Bank Ltd.(SYNDIBANK), For Target 146

by Bhaveek Patel

A positive breakout move was seen in the Syndicate bank chart, we are now bullish on the stock and one can start accumulating this stock at current levels as stock is now in consolidation phase as seen on charts. The market capitalization of this company is more than Rs.6,000 crore as on 4 March 2011. EPS of the company is at Rs.17.7 per share and book value of the stock stands at Rs.100. At current […]

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