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OurNifty.com is promoted by Bhaveek Patel and his team who has vast experience in stocks and financial markets. We have developed a system of trading which is based on sentiment, money management & technical analysis. Along with, we closely monitor all the developments in corporate and political front, we do have very close eye on worldwide financial markets. Our dedicated team’s effort is to minimize the losses and to make money over a period of time with minimum capital at risk. Our expertise has benefited many and their satisfied smiles help us perform better.

About Author:
Bhaveek Patel is well known technical analyst in central India, Have written more than 800 articles, his articles are regularly seen on BeforeItsNews. By qualification he is software engineer, but has more than 7 years of trading experience in stock markets. OurNifty.com was started as a hobby, but with dream and vision within six months this hobby was his profession. Beside trading he train people with his technical analysis course, which covers lots of trading strategies and risk management rules. Most of his articles are on Nifty Future and Nifty Option.

Why we are Successful
Earning out of a stock market is not so easy as it looks from outside, It requires Proper planning and successful implementation of plan by following some set of rules with strict discipline, We are now the First and only Advisory Firm in India, to provide free services to all.

Our Vision
To facilitate small and medium traders and investors to enter the Indian stock markets for enjoying multiple returns on their investments. We want to ensure that most of the traders get benefited from our free services, useful for both: Beginner as well as experienced trader. Our mission is to protect & multiply traders capital and to convert them from losers to winners in both bull & bear market. We are consistent to provide exact solution that has been proven profitable in bull and bear market.

About Bhaveek Patel

Bhaveek Patel is a technical analyst and investor, his areas of interest includes stock market, forex, gold.


  1. Padma says

    Kindly give me the trial of your tips for about 1 week to 15 days; Once we get satisfied we can recommend you to our customers

  2. Viriyala Kartikeya Gopal Charan says

    your ‘Vision and services are very gernerous .
    I would like to trade in nifty option only . Can you provide me tips.
    my number: 9030918607

  3. sanjeev s sanikop says

    Very generous of you. I would like learn Technical analysis but i want it to be simple because i do not understand complex things.


    Pls refer Nov/11 series Nifty option strategy . It’s 1:1 Risk reward format ? Would appriciate , if your competancy can take us to 1:2 R/R Ratio.

      • VIHANG MANKAD says

        Thanks a lot. I am also interested in Intraday calls, with 1:2 R/R ,as and when Mkt gives oppurtinity ( Not expecting daily as ritual).Shall be glad ,if I can get SMS on such calls. Do you provide SMS on such services ?

    • says

      Sir currently we have kept limited slots for new client as we are very strict in quality of our service; you wont be able to join our service this month. Currently we serve only 25 clients and not more than that. So in any month, if any client don’t wish to continue then we can start your subscription. For more info call us @ +91-9970777789

  5. martin says

    i would be very grateful if you would include me also in your list for free tips in nifty option trading. thanks.
    martin (011- 981079XXXX)

    • says

      Just send one SMS from your cell. Go to message then type “ON OURNIFTY” and send it to 9870807070. You will automatically subscribe to our free option tips list.
      OurNifty.com Support Team

    • says

      Hi Mohit, First of all thank you very much for your complement. We will keep working with our vision to provide free advisory services to our users. For expansion we will need to team up very soon!!
      Warm Regards,
      Bhaveek Patel

  6. martin says

    where do u hold this course? iam interested in buying a charting software. kindly sadvise me. thanks . martin

  7. sekhar says

    Believe me you are the god gifted person in todays world and by luck today i get your remote touch through internet.Now where from or how can i get your stock tips please inform me.god bless you i wish you the very very best of luck.Thanks and regards.

  8. kumar says

    Hai Sir,
    Please send me details of your technical analysis course details to my mail id. Let me also know that after completion of course how can I analyse the market and what technical analysis tools do I need to purchase to analyse the market. Will it be simple or complex.

    • says

      Hi Kumar, I have sent you course details on your email. It will be very simple to understand course, as this course is designed to meet the need of a beginner as well as experienced trader. You don’t need to purchase any tools. call me on +91-9970777789 for more information.

      Bhaveek Patel

  9. dkrishna says

    sir i have taken your course now i can able to find support and resistance levels for nifty now i had avoided losses .now i have confident i will become profitable trader

  10. Shilpa says

    Dear Bhavik,

    Am looking forward to ur nifty option tips.Am totally new to this field but very excited to learn from a person like you.Thanks.

  11. RAMZAMA says

    sir i met severe loss of 50000 slow by slow in option trading.. i have seen your open interest excel sheet but it is not open in my computer when i download that… also i had the doubt that how to use that excel sheet to buy and sell the call option and put option and how to select the
    strike price

  12. Ravi Kant says

    Mr. Bhaveek very good work. I also want to learn technical analysis and become a safe investor. Tell me in brief how to enroll for the course, class timing and outcome of course. you can send me all details on my email id.

  13. bhavesh says

    bhaveek sir
    maine “ON OURNIFTY” and send it to 9870807070. massage send kiya par muje abhi tak koi bhi cal nahi mila pls help me

  14. ramzamma says

    sir, i have send sms to 9870807070 and 9219592195… but i didnt receive any sms like that… anything more to do with that ?if i receive your free calls i would be very much benifitted… thanking you

  15. suresh says

    today I downloaded excel file for nifty option OI but when I refresh it does not get refreshed. it gives error and says internet site reports could not be located. I think site address from where data is sought is wrong or has been changed. kindly update it


  16. vipul says

    I m a electrical engineer and also MBA FINANCE ,working in multinational company.
    I am a intrested to trade nifty future as free tips as u told in your site.
    can u take intrested on me. my mob no-094371xxxxx

    waiting ur repply


  17. Sujay says

    Hi i would like to take up Technical analysis course which u are offering i.e 6 days.. How can i pay u? i need help.. please reply

  18. Santosh says

    Hi Bhaveek,

    i am MBA Finnce , woriking with MNC , i like trading i have tried analysing nifty but all the times i lost , can you please provide your calls for free for 10-15 days , if i get confidence on the calls i will join your technical analysis course , make trading as profession



  19. chandrakant says

    Dear Sir,
    I am doing service and looking trading as a second source of income. I have tried intraday but from office it is difficult for me. Can your course helful for me to do the swing or positional trade.
    My expectation from this mkt is 5000/- per month.
    Can your course helpful to achieve my goal ?
    Please reply.

  20. Manoranjan Mudra says

    Sir i have lost 6 lacs in market. So do help me to learn the technaical analyasis course and pls give me the tips. I got u from Google search. Thanks sir for the wonderfull job. God bless.

  21. Sameer says

    I first of congrats you and your team for keeping such good work .
    I want to get IEOD data for MCX futures. Can you help on this for amibroker format.

  22. Naveen dixit says

    i want to join your technical analysis course. pz send details. on my mail id.
    thank you.

  23. Balagopal says

    As u said u r providing free tips, how to register and receive your stock and nifty option tips by SMS. Please guide me Sir.

  24. gangadhar says

    where you are located at? I want to trade in nifty features. what is the margin required for holding nifty for overnight long position?

  25. Dilip Rawat says

    Dear Sir,
    I just went through ur website which i liked it. I also want to join ur course. But before that i have some following doubts-
    1-How many days it takes for ur course?
    2-How much fee u charge for the course?
    3-Your technical method is simple or little bit effort able to understand?
    4-How much % u assure about ur technical or strategy while trading?
    (eg 70-80%, 81-90% or 90-100%)
    Keeping high hope for ur quick reply.
    Thanking You.
    God Bless.

  26. Mehraz says

    Dear sir,

    I want to trade nifty futures, should I go for your free tips or should I take the course, an open to both. How do I get the free nifty future tips? Please advice.


  27. anant s.a. says

    Sir, I’m interested in nifty trading. pls tell me how to go about. I’m new to the market.


  28. says

    Most impressive site and so very informative.
    But i wish you would put a date on top on the articles.
    Also we are anxiously awaiting for your pre Budget recomendations.
    Also i would like to invest big on long term basis on companies which more or less climbing up almost 10% every month like for eg : Bharat forge, Suven Life science, Kesar Terminal, Can fin homes, Sundram Fasteners, (all these may not repeat the 2014 story this year ??!!)
    But we wont find any Nifty companies which will grow like this. So best bet for 2015 will be strong Mid caps which can grow 100-130% by 2015 end eg: Reality and Consumables i belive expected to grow fast in 2015. Also banking and Defence perhaps ??


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