Friends I am sharing the following databases which has data updated till 28 March 2013. All these database are for Amibroker charting software. Download and share it with your friends and colleagues.

NSE EOD database:

NSE F&O database for stocks and indices:

Download Getbhavcopy application latest update for NSE EOD data and NSE F&O data in Amibroker:

NSE IEOD 2 years data for more than 150 selected stocks and index:

NSE IEOD data downloader and for MCX EOD data:

MCX EOD database in amibroker format:


NSE EOD database for Amibroker Updated till 31 December 2012

by Bhaveek Patel

NSE EOD database in amibroker format is now available for download. This database has all the data from beginning of National stock exchange till 31 December 2012. Just use below link to download.   Download from here.   Also share it with your friends on Facebook and twitter.

New update for Getbhavcopy application released

by Bhaveek Patel

I have been very busy for last couple of weeks, so was unable to come up with articles on market. Today I am sharing latest update about the GetBhavcopy application that was released on 19 Nov 12. I have seen many traders here were unable to download the EOD data for NSE. So here is how you can solve this bug an update was released recently for this application. Getbhavcopy is useful application for updating […]

NSE IEOD database Updated, Data from January 2012 in Amibroker Format

by Bhaveek Patel

NSE IEOD database in amibroker format is updated till 5 October is available now to download. It has data from around January 2012, in 1 minute format. It has only those stocks and indices which are traded in F&O segment in NSE. Just download the file from below link and open the database in amibroker. Download database file.   How to open database in Amibroker: Extract file with winrar utility. Start Amibroker. Goto File>Open database. […]

NSE EOD database for Amibroker, Update till 20 July 2012

by Bhaveek Patel

Today I am sharing free NSE EOD (End of the day) database for amibroker, with update upto 20 July 2012. This database has all the scrips traded in NSE and most of them are purified, with stock splits and merger. Also I have deleted most of the scripts that are no longer traded on NSE. I have also created a watch list of stocks that are in F&O segment, also have some stocks in favorites […]

MCX EOD, NSE IEOD, NSE F&O and NSE EOD Database updated till June 2012

by Bhaveek Patel

I have updated the databases of amibroker, for MCX EOD, NSE IEOD (all stocks and index in F&O segment), NSE F&O stocks database with open interest and NSE EOD database for all scrips in nse cash segment. Follow these links to download and apply them into Amibroker: NSE EOD database for all nse cash segment scrips. NSE F&O database with open interest. NSE IEOD database of all F&O stocks and index. MCX EOD database. All […]

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