Bank Nifty and Banking sector outlook for short term

Bank nifty and Nifty futures has been trading higher for almost 1.5 years. This all started back ion the month of September 2013 when Shri Narendra Modi was declared as PM candidate of BJP. After registering a massive win by BJP in general election we saw lots of bulls joining the stocks and moving it northward. Today, my analysis is on banking sector which was the best out performer in this bull ... [Continue Reading]

How is transaction cost important in trading and how to reduce it

Trading as a career opportunity is thought of many people now a days especially youths. But before considering trading as a career opportunity many things need to be taken care of. While trading is different from investing, people who wants to become professional traders, should follow. Trading comes with lots of transaction charges, these charges always paid by you whenever you trade. Lower ... [Continue Reading]

Bank Nifty closed at a crucial decision area, Trading analysis

Bank nifty trading analysis daily chart

Bank nifty future on last Friday has closed at a important decision level which will give a trading idea for next week. Last Fridays closing was a very important as we have seen a very negative candle closing around the days low. Also Bank Nifty future has underperformed Nifty future as we were expecting. The crucial area on daily chart for bank nifty is 12000, from where we will see some bounce ... [Continue Reading]

Technical Analysis: Buy Titan with target 313, Stock at support

Titan trading at support

Daily chart of titan is showing a fresh trading opportunity for short term. As the trend in titan is up, so we are only looking to buy this stock on every declines. Stock has a support area around 275 level and this can be used as an opportunity to enter the stock for the short term gain. We will be adding a fresh long position in titan around 278 for positional targets as 300 and then 313. While, ... [Continue Reading]

Technical Analysis: Maruti Suzuki trading at Support level

Maruti Suzuki stock is in an uptrend on medium term chart. But stock is correcting on the daily chart and is now trading at support level. This support is provided by 61.8% fibonacci retracement level (High of 1639 and low of 1051), so 1275 is a strong support zone for the stock in short term. Trading idea: We will be looking for buying opportunity in MARUTI around 1275 for a target of 1345, ... [Continue Reading]

Technical Analysis: How to trade Double bottom pattern

Double bottom pattern

Double bottom pattern is just opposite of double top pattern that we have discussed previously. This pattern is very easy to trade and learn how the market forces will be changing the direction of stock at some level. In technical analysis, this pattern offers higher chances of success if trader picks the trade with this pattern. A trader can freely apply and trade this pattern on any time frame ... [Continue Reading]