Nifty Future Trend Finder free Application

Find the trend of Nifty future, the below application uses nifty spot data and the nearby out of money nifty call and put option. Main criterion behind the trend calculation is the difference between the spot price and the strike price of call and put option if the premium is more than the difference value it will determine the trend.

How to use Nifty future trend finder:

  1. Enter Nifty Spot price.
  2. Enter the current price of call option of strike shown there.
  3. Then enter CMP of put option shown below.
  4. Just press Find Trend button.

About Bhaveek Patel

Bhaveek Patel is a technical analyst and investor, his areas of interest includes stock market, forex, gold.


    • surya says

      Bhaveek, Hi this is surya, only today i came to know about this site as i was browsing something related to this.
      I would like to clarify that does your predictions gets effected due to any changes in the news.

  1. anand says

    As of now blog seems very good, with lot of useful info.
    plz add social network plugin to internal pages also, on some pages its missing, like I don’t find one, on this page.

  2. Anupam says

    Hi Bhaveek,
    It seems a good tool, just want to know that, the suggested trend is what timeline, like Daily, Weekly or ??

  3. Mahadeo Gaikwad says

  4. Ajit karmalkar says

    Hi Bhaveek,

    This Nifty Future Trend Finder free Application can be used for other Index also like Bank nifty.

    Ajit karmalkar

  5. Pradeep says

    Good tool Bhaveek. Can you tell me how much is the minimum % it should show to initiate a trade? Today I get 51% down after filing the data which dont give me confidence

    • says

      Pradeep, For more confident direction of nifty, you should see percentage more than 60%. So more than 60% chance is good indication for nifty being bullish or bearish.

  6. baskar says

    sir please clarify by seeing your nifty trend indication can i go for long or short nifty tomorrow

  7. harsh says

    Hi Baveek,

    Thank you for sharing such a good tool.

    Is it possible to give a approx entry and exit prices along with trend?

    • says

      Thanks Harsh for commenting here. For approx entries and exits you need to look at the charts and study them. As this trend finding tool is based on mathematical calculations, so it don’t use concept of technical analysis or charts. Hence charts would be good tool to find your entries and exits.
      Bhaveek Patel

  8. omkar kulkarni says

    Mr Bhaveek

    you can short or take long position as per ur nifty trend tool but what happens if market opens gap up or gap down next day.

  9. MSHAJAHAN says

    You have done a good job. When the data should be entered ?
    At market opening time or any time during market hours ? Is it for intraday or short term ?

    • says

      Sir, Use this tool before market opens, with closing data (EOD data). Trend on this application will show short term trend of nifty.
      Let me know if you like this app or have any feedback for it.

  10. Jayesh says

    Bhaveek, today nifty trend finder is showing that nifty is in uptrend, with 55% chances of going up. what’s your view for same???

  11. RAMZAMA says

    thank you sir to help me…. few doubts are there still now… relinance infra is trading at 505 levels.. but in that graph it shows 432 … are those different companies?

  12. Ramzamma says

    dear sir,
    really this trend finder is superb sir… but could not able to decide what option to buy and at what interval we have to plot the data in that window? kindly inform me sir…

    • says

      Hi Musthafa, datafeeder is free of cost you only need to purchase amibroker or even u can use trial version. Datafeeder works fine with both of these versions, let me know if I can be of your help further. :)

      • nirajpandoh says

        For downloading datafeeder free of cost, & trail version/ free version if possible of Amibroker since we are just starting to learn trade, can we get the site or link for download. Pls send it on our mail Id .



  13. ANAND CHOUHAN says


    • says

      Hi Anand, We use nifty spot prices because nifty futures and options are derived from spot. While calculating the value of options we always use the spot prices. Here in above system, I am using option price to check the premium with respect to spot prices, finally we get the trend. Future price has a lot of factors in them, like premium / discount. Hope you have understood. :)

  14. Amar says

    Hi Bhaveek…. You are a genius… really u got a point .. i saw the nifty trend finder and we know that share market is depend on human sentiment also and u tried to add human sentiments in the your logic… i am impressed… good job… i want to check your logic in worst conditions of market (real time)… good job.. thanks

  15. Surendra says

    Dear Bhaveek,
    Would request you to add time and dateline for each comment received and reply by you, to determine the chronological sequence, and differentiate between old and latest. Thanks.

  16. Anand Nayak says

    Dear Bhaveek,
    I seen a very good toll on your site Trend for NIFTY you can use social chat system from above, it is free to use.Thanks

  17. Vinod Dhamnekar says

    Can you tell me exact formula for finding nifty trend.Because when I calculate the same manually, the answer differs to some extent.I also want to know the logic behind your formula. Awaiting your reply very soon.

  18. noor says

    i wan to learn option trading but more simplified with 3-4 strategies.tht works in buy call-buy put….sell call-sell put…………..what is premium-strike price-spot price in all the four ( buy call-buy put…sell call-sell put.)…

    what should be the minimum investment for option trading and safer option strategies.

  19. karan pratap sing says

    sir ye tool to kafi acha hai .pahle to nahi dekha tha. shayad aap ko yaad hoga ki maine aap se Technical Analysis sikha tha

  20. sridhar says


    i am sridhar.i am trading now nifty options.r u giving any tips.i would like to subscribe the nifty option calls.please send mail to me.


  21. K P Singh says

    Hi I am trading in nifty and your Nifty Future Trend Finder free Application is very useful. In my office net connections is not avl i use my phone for that so plz give me excel file for calculation of this application.


  22. rocky says

    Bhaveek bro , pls add date & time below the comments and your posts and tools so tht we know how old the post is .
    Keep up the gr8 work .

  23. Ajay Kumar says

    would it be possible for me to find trend for some other script with help of ur tool trend finder. please advise sir.

  24. Nimesh says

    your idea is very good to indicate the trend. but can you say at what % are the sureity to make a 100 % profit from the trend, and it is WORKING for intraday or for EOD (BEFORE PRE-OPEN FOR NEXT DAYS) ONLY.


  25. hITESH says

    Hi, Pratik, to day i come acrross your side and its look intresting.
    I am basic trader for call put still learning not getting profit till date , kndly guide me if i can be a profitable trader.
    i am also avaialble during trade hours at yahoo

  26. sushil says

    Bhaveek bhai , pls add date & time below the comments of your posts and tools so tht we know how old the post is .
    Keep up the gr8 work .

  27. Ashish Misra says

    I request to send Open interest excel sheel on my mail ID, so that I can check it and work according to open inetrest and Nifty future trand finder. Plz
    Thanks in advance.



    As per today’s EOD Nifty spot is closed at 5889.75 and as per Trend decider, the price of October 2013 CE 6100 & PE 5900 is 118.75 & 167.5 respectively and Trend is NEGATIVE with 58.64% chances of going down, in that case, how to find target price, Stop Loss Price.

    For my understanding, let us assume, if i bought above two option, whether i need to check trend decider very day?



    I am not able to under stand the definition mentioned by you on “Trend Finder” – ‘Main criterion behind the trend calculation is the difference between the spot price and the strike price of call and put option if the premium is more than the difference value it will determine the trend.’, request you to explain the same with an example.

  30. Sathishkumar says

    Hello boss,

    I came to know about this site today… I have entered the values of nifty. It gives me up & down percentage & the trend. Based on the information can i predict the high & low value of nifty tomorrow.
    For example…
    Nifty futures is in uptrend with a chances of going up is 55% & the chances of going down is 45% & also the current nifty price is 6000 (example).
    Here can you give me, how to predict the high & low price of the next day…? is it possible to predict the entry & exit level..?

  31. sandeep yadav says

    bhaiya in this scenario nifty price or nifty future price is to be applied . and as we know time decay also in option so it is applied in starting of month or at ending

  32. adam says

    hi everyone .. Seeking for a favour.. I really dont know abu this .. I came across when i was searching nifty future index for my assignment on investment analysis .. I’m really wanna know abu this . Which will be useful for my studies too .. . Use of finding this , future index means , ect .. Comment on this i’ll be really happy to take all … Thank you .. Hope so ..

  33. DR ANANDG says

    When I had back tested it For 8/11,with spot6186,
    It was showing TREND UP.But that day TREND DOWN. IS IT NOT MISLEADING

  34. H Ravi Chandran says

    Dear Sir

    You have added value to others. Excellent for your positive spirit. Is there any equivalent excel application to find the Nifty Trend?


  35. krubha says


    This is Krubha, Tool working good. Can u send me this formula to my mail id ([email protected]) ?

  36. Saby Pinto says

    Hi Bhaveek,
    Been browsing ur website since afternoon non-stop till 9 pm now. Can’t get out of here. But one problem, all ur articles are old. There is no date & time stamp on the articles or the posts also. Pls include that. Where do i find ur latest posts as of today’s date?

  37. Lathika VK says

    I happen to see your site and was checking the nifty trend finder of NS EOD of 7th ,8th,9th of OCT 2014. 7 &8 Oct was almost correct but 9th Oct gave a wrong trend.I am interested in joining technical analysis course in the month of Nov 2014 especially if possible on 4th & 6th of Nov.
    Have a nice time


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