Nifty Option

Nifty future has today seen a bounce while trading at a major support region. Today, we have seen front-line majors bouncing after the recent sell off, this may be an indication of coming relief rally in next few trading sessions. Nifty future is more likely to head towards the 5740 area i.e its first resistance. The medium term uptrend is likely to resume and very limited downside is seen at this point in time.

Our trading strategy is to look for buying opportunities in nifty futures around support zone. In Nifty 5500 is very important region as there is 38.2% retracement level present, also rising trend line is acting as a support on weekly chart. Also, we  have seen 5 impulse waves in downward direction so a relief rally with 3 waves must be seen very soon.

Nifty future trading strategy:

Buy nifty future around 5550 for positional target of 5750 and a protective stop loss must be placed few points below 5500. Risk-reward ratio is comfortable and makes the trading risk worth taking. High risk taking traders can even buy Nifty 5600 call options at 50 with positional target as 120 and exit this position if nifty future goes below 5500 level. Article published on 11 April 13.


Nifty options trading strategy for Interim Budget 2013 – 2014

by Bhaveek Patel

India’s budget session in parliament has already began, we are hoping for new surprises from this budget. As this may be the last budget before the next general election. So it is more likely that Finance minister would be looking forward to bring in the reform in this budget, but if he fails to do so, then markets may retrace back lower. Hence, here exists very good nifty options trading opportunity for the current budget […]

Nifty options open interest sheet for November expiry series

by Bhaveek Patel

Here is the link to download excel sheet to keep a track on the nifty options open interest and do analysis on it. This is how you can do the analysis using open interest data of nifty options. Download from here.   Sheet will auto refresh itself every 5 minutes. You will have to disable security warning, else it will not refresh the data. Next week’s analysis: I am seeing some correction in nifty future […]

Nifty Next week: Some thing is unusual, Nifty options open interest

by Bhaveek Patel

About 11 million (1.10 crore) shares were seen in total open interest of nifty 5800 call option. Having such a high open interest is unusual thing and has many surprises in it. What I feel is market might have created a intermediate top for short to medium term. Suggests some selling is on the way for markets, VIX is also around 52 week low. Suggest me that nifty is going to see major selling in […]

Nifty options Excel OI sheet for September F&O series

by Bhaveek Patel

As I am preparing and sharing the nifty options open interest excel sheet. This time I am a reason for you to smile as I have added few stocks like ICICI bank, State bank of India, Reliance for live options (Call and put option) data. Even Bank nifty options open interest file is available for September F&O series. You will find it below: Download Nifty options OI Excel Sheet September Series. Download Bank nifty options […]

Free Excel Sheet: Nifty options OI for August F&O series

by Bhaveek Patel

Friends I know I am very late in publishing the Nifty options OI excel sheet August F&O series. I was on 20 days holiday to Gujarat and Rajasthan, so I was unable to carry out research. Also I found that NSE has recently updated their old servers, from where we used to extract the data. After going through lots of test I have found a working source. Anyways, you can download the files from below […]