Free NSE Real time data feed for Amibroker, Full version

I have now found a small piece of software (about 1.5 MB) that can get you real time data feed for nse stocks to Amibroker. This software (Data Feeder) is freeware and you can use it as long as you wish, you can have stocks list up-to 100 stocks ( you can add more but slows down data feed). So now you don’t have to pay any subscription charges to other data provider, I have been using this software for last 1 week and did not see any issue with the data.

Moreover I can see Sensex, Nifty and USD-INR currency pair price. This small app has feature of back filling data of 1 day, 5 days and EOD data as well,  You can download this software from below link.


Guide to setup NSE free real time data on Amibroker:

  1. Download data feeder from above line.
  2. Install using setup.exe, at this step you ate done with the installation.
  3. Now let us setup database in Amibroker, Run/open Amibroker.
  4. Go to File menu > New > Database
  5. Type the name of data base, select base time interval as: 1 Minute and click Create.
  6. Under number of bars enter: 10000
  7. Click on Intraday setting.
  8. Select filtering as Show day session only.
  9. In trading hours, for day Session enter start as 09:15 and end as 15:30, Click on OK.
  10. Now you have successfully configured real time database for NSE.
  11. Now run Data Feeder from desktop for first time. Here you will need to create a list of stocks that you need under Amibroker real time data feed.
  12. Once you are done with adding stocks, press the red button named “Amibroker is not connected click here to connect” once you click this button it will become green.
  13. Now click on “ADD STOCKS” button to add stocks to your Amibroker watch list.
  14. Lets perform some Back-fill, click on “Backfill-1M Data” to get 1 day intraday data of selected stocks.
  15. Select chart refresh rate to “5 Seconds“. Now we are ready to hit that START button. Now real time data should be loading perfectly.

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About Bhaveek Patel

Bhaveek Patel is a technical analyst and investor, his areas of interest includes stock market, forex, gold.


    • says

      Hi Nitin, I did not find any free real time f&o data provider for nse under amibroker. However there is free software which can get you free nse cash data in realtime for amibroker.

    • nitin says

      i needs your help sir i am unable to get the chart of most of the scripts that i have added
      the error msg what i get is ” to plot any chart at leat 3 data bars are needed but there are only 0 barn in ………(name of the share)”

      • Guru says

        Hi Nitin,

        Even I faced the same problem. Then I figured out the chart frequency option is set to daily. You need to change it to intraday. It should be available on right click or through top menu.

  1. sekhar chakrabarti says

    Today I tried real time data feeder software 2.9.0 with amibroker 5.3, now iam facing a tipical problem that is I added some new stock like united spirits, lovable, jublfood, tatasteel, jsw steel, etc. but those are not creating any chart. The stocks already added is running fine with tick chat. Please help me to solve the problem. Thanks and regards.

    • says

      Sir, you need to do 5 minutes back fill for selected stocks in data feeder, once back fill is completed then charts will be displayed and make sure you are on 15 minutes time frame. Sekhar tell me if it is working fine now.

      • Praveen S says

        Hello Bhaveek,
        I have recently upgraded to Amibroker 5.6. I find that whenever I try the back fill options it crashes datafeeder!! I tried reinstalling and still it doesnt work… it always crashes. And without doing the backfeed if I try the live feed, nothing happens! How can one resolve this?

  2. sekhar chakrabarti says

    At first I added those stock by clicking add new stocks button. Then I syncronized then I selected 1 min backfill then I selected 5 sec chart refresh and then I click start button but no effect.
    What I have to do?

    • says

      Did you try add stocks button which is just below the green button. So select stocks and press add stocks, it will appear in amibroker, then select do back fill data will be shown immediatly. After this you can press start button to get real time data feeds.

  3. sekhar chakrabarti says

    Yes sir i have tried it by clicking add stock button just up to the synchronize button but no effect. I am sending a screen shot. Please advise me what to do. Regards.

    • says

      Sir, I have gone through your attachment, as I see the scrips having extension as .NS are not created by of live data feeder, they might have been created by some other application. One thing you can do is restart the amibroker and data feeder then do the procedure as stated in previous comments. It should be resolved by now.

  4. sekhar chakrabarti says

    Yes those extension(.ns) given by the web site In order to validate yahoo nse code it is from there. Personally I did not give the extension. I can not under stand what is wrong to me. As per your advise I have restarted data fedd and amibroker but no change is there.

      • Kiran says

        Bhaveek, did you had a chance to solve the issue faced by sekhar? coz i am also facing similar issues. I couldnt update the realtime data feed of amibroker. it updates everytime i clik on backfill 1min data but when i set it to a specific interval it doesnt gets updated.

  5. Umesh says

    Thanks Bhaveek for your suggestion to visit this post.

    I downloaded this DataFeeder but initially it failed to load after installation and says:
    “SORRY!!! There is NO response from license server. So this software will work now in TRIAL MODE
    Sorry for inconvenience caused to you”

    Somehow I succeeded in loading and connecting it to Amibroker. But I failed to load more than 2 scrips and backfill as it says it is a trial version.
    Any suggestion for this.

    One thing, can I backfill by using any other IEOD database, as one provided by you

    Thanks once again for your help.

    • says

      Umesh, just try restarting datafeeder application, there should be no issue in add scrips of your choice. I would suggest you to create new database for real time data, just follow above steps.

      We can backfill using IEOD database as amibroker cant export database in text file format. I think there should be AFL code for doing this. :)

  6. Umesh says

    Restarting datafeeder application does not make any difference. I can add only 2 scrips of my choice and not more. I have created a new database in Amibroker for datafeeder and it downloaded data for 8.6.12 only and not for any previous dates.

    The application is a “TRIAL VERSION” one, as mentioned on the top line of the application and not FULL VERSION. And because of Trial Version it is not backfilling.

    As for backfill, I mean, to backfill manually with IEOD database from other sources, like the one provided by you.

    I will try to send you snapshots on your email address for your reference.


  7. Umesh Agrawal says

    Dear Bhaveek, Please find attached pdf file, of 2 snaps of DataFeeder.
    Please suggest for a solution.

    Further I am interested in getting updates by SMS please include my mobile number 9210XXXXXX for this service.


    • says

      Hi Umesh, I have gone though the snapshots. I would suggest you to see if your firewall or antivirus is not blocking datafeeder from accessing internet. Have you tried restarting your computer after installation of datafeeder.

      Datafeeder is working fine on my system. see below screen shot.

      Datafeeder screenshot

  8. Umesh says

    Thanks Bhaveek for your efforts.

    I do not think, it due to antivirus or firewall, as in that very case I would have got a popup and secondly in that case I should not get this trial version run on my system, as well.

    However I will reload DataFeeder and do as suggested by you later in the evening OR I will try to load DataFeeder in the laptop of a friend of mine, who is coming in the evening.

    Further, is there any possibility that stocklive has reverted back to trial version again. As I was facing this problem since last some days. I sent them an email to this effect, which still remains unreplied.

    Will post you late in the evening or tomorrow, for the actions that I will take.


  9. Umesh says

    Hi Bhaveek

    I uninstalled DataFeeder and reinstalled it as said by you, by disabling AVG Antivirus and Zone Alaram Firewall but to no avail. It was same, the TRIAL installation.My system is P4 2.4 GHz, Windows XP SP2, 32 bit, 1.5GB RAM, .net framework 3.5 SP1

    However, when installed in the laptop (Window 7, 64 bit) it installed with complete version with Antivirus and Firewall enabled.

    I do not understand why the same icon working in two different ways in 2 different systems.

    Do you have any solution.

    One thing I may add, that previously as well as now, on double clicking the icon of DataFeeder, with internet connection on, only blue screen of DataFeeder appears but DF does not load. However when internet is off DF loads with trial version. Can you make something out of it.

    With thanks

    • says

      Umesh, Keep your internet on, When you double click on datafeeder icon, just patiently wait for blue screen to go, as datafeeder starts after that blue screen. It will start in fully functional mode instead of trial. Let me know if it works.

      Bhaveek Patel

      • Umesh says

        Hi Bhaveek, it does not work. On double clicking the icon only initial blue screen of DF appears which disappears within few seconds and nothing loads afterwards.

        With thanks

      • pankaj kumar singh says

        hi sir,
        I was installing data feeder, there after I am clicking 1 min. data feeder where massage show “sorry amibroker Is not connected to datafeeder” , show massage first established a proper connection to amibroker then do any operation on it,
        please help me

        • says

          Hi Pankaj, you will need to connect it to amibroker first. To connect to amibroker, first start amibroker then open datafeeder now, just click on that red button available on datafeeder. That button will become green and message will be shown the amibroker is connected.
          Let us know if you need any help.


          • pankaj kumar singh says

            Sir, I have downloaded amibroker also I have connected datafeeder to it but, price not updating also not showing eod data.
            please help me sir
            my no. is 99531xxxxx

    • siddharth vora says

      i am also having the same problem and i have fully functionally data feeder but still not get all scrpits data now what to do???

  10. raj says

    I have been using the data feeder as mentioned, its fully functional and working fine, but the data is Not real time, it is delayed by 15 minutes, only nifty is real time. I have also tried by loggin in to during market hours as mentioned but it doesn’t help.
    Software is good to download IEOD data and backfill.

  11. Ravi Kumar says

    Hi Bhaveek,
    I installed Datafeeder, the realtime updates are happening but its creating 5 second candle even though i have created database for 1 minute. Please help.

  12. kunal says

    please tell me in this data feeder nifty index chart is working or not and how many period of data is shows in ieod.

  13. kunal says

    please tell me that if i go with the hourly chart then the all chart will in hourly or only five days graph is shows hourly and all other will show day base.

  14. santosh says

    Dear Bhaveek..
    i have installed and using it…it is good software..

    But it seems some problem with the data real time backfill data.

    i have cross check the real time data to backfill (by using software you mention above) with my trading terminal software, i found some mismatch in real time data.

    • says

      Hi, Santosh, for stocks there is 15 minutes delay, but for index such as nifty and banknifty its real time data (live). If you are positional trader then this delay is ok. But if you are intraday trader, you need to look for paid data providers.

  15. kunal says

    sir i have the data but how to link this with the dadafeeder and in dadafeeder it’s showing first 15min dada base so the chart is showing much long candle so how it can handle.

  16. raj says

    Dear Friends,
    You can get Real-time data of for free with datafeeder even for stocks, it is Not delayed. You have to do the settings exactly as mentioned in the pdf, please go through it and follow the steps and you will get absolutely Real time data for stocks, enjoy happy trading :)

  17. keval patel says

    Dear Sir,
    i have already installed,done all settings also but problem is only in live rates….just u match live rates of any scripts with Odin and our this data feeder….getting wrong rates totally.


      • sudhin says

        Can any one can figure it out after logging into yahoo how one can get live data for cash segment also, otherwise also it is free w/o ami, so hope someone will take this forward.

  18. Andy says

    Hi Bhaveek,
    First of all I would like to thank you for your steps. Unfortunately, I am extremely new to Amibroker, I have been using metatrader all these days but came across your post which gives free NSE stock data, hence got interested.
    As an absolute novice, forgive me for my question. You said in step 5. Type the name of database.
    When I reached that place I saw this default to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\MyNewData

    Unfortunately there is no folder like this.

    I wanted to ask you whether there is a specific database route I need to create or is there something I am missing?

    Thank you for your time.

    • says

      Hi Andy, You are going right. In C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\MyNewData path, your database name is MyNewData, Just type a new name for our purpose. It will be created only when you hit create button. Let me know if any problem persists.

  19. sudhin says

    Is anyone here using any tablet for trading, sorry for deviation for the main topic, kindly update.

    • says

      Hi Sudhin,
      I am using my Samsung galaxy tab 2 for managing my trades on move, but only for Forex accounts that we manage. I am not sure about brokers in India providing such applications.

  20. shinu says

    i downloaded your software and amibroker. but not to able for data feed. please help me sir, via teamviewer, my nmbr 984796xxxx

  21. SUBHADIP ROY says

    Dear Bhaveek,

    Though some charts are displaying properly, for some it shows
    “not enough data avialable
    to plot any chart atleast 3 data bars are needed, but there are only 1 ”

    please guide me to solve the issue

  22. Md. Rehman says

    Hi Bhaveek,

    First let me thank you for the detailed step by step explanation and good work for sharing this.

    I have been using this successfully for last 2 months, since yesterday I have been seeing wrong data in Amibroker, such as same high or same low for continous 10-15 bars each bar, For Eg: For today Bharti is showing day high of 312.45 as of 11:20AM on18th Dec 2012, which is not correct and same for other stocks as well. Wondering if it is only me who is facing this problem, and could it be issue with Stock Live DF or Amibroker. Kindly help me.

    I am have uploaded couple of screenshots for IDEA and BHARTI

    Thank you in Advance.

  23. indira says

    than k u for providing good appication for amibroker
    let i will check online by monday , then get back to
    thank again

  24. says

    Dear Bhaveek,Thanks a ton for this amazing utility. I just downloaded it and created my real time database with it for Nifty.
    It worked fine and back filled 1m data for today 9th Jan 2013.

    Allow me to ask if i can get Nifty Current month future, live data with it as I trade only Nifty F1.

    thanks in advance.

  25. Raghs says

    Hi Bhaveek, We are developing one application for generating the tips for Indian stock markets but i am not sure how can i integrate the real time data feed into my application. Can you please tell me if this amibroker data is useful in my case. If not then whats your suggestion about this issue. I would grateful to you if you could revert me on this.

  26. krishna says

    First of all, I thank you for suggest the datafeeder.
    Today I find this.
    Is any free MCX datafeeder like this.
    Again thank you

  27. manish tiwari says

    Hi Bhaveek, it does not work. On double clicking the icon its showing amibroker is not running at all pls run a single of amibroker .

    please help me sir, via teamviewer,

  28. Minal says

    Hello Sir

    Somehow I landed on your website and downloaded the Stocklive data feed from Ami.

    Thanks for this help.

    However, just now i installed the stocklive with 1min backfill, but surprised to see charts from 09.19am or in some cases 09.20am. instead of 09.15am. Why this sir?

    Is the data is reliable & real time?

    Pl reply asap as i was about to subscribe for paid service provided by some other agency.

    Thanks in advance

  29. Atul Saxena says

    It is working on trial mode and only two stocks can be updated at a time. Can we add more stocks. Regards.

  30. Pratik says

    Dear sir,
    Thx a lot for Data Feeder, it works well for intraday but there are some stocke for which no charts get displayed and i cant get eod data on charts that is inspite of doing backfil eod data i can see only last 5 days data…pls help

  31. r.sadagopan says

    sir, I an sadagopan from Chennai. I am using the amibroker for trading, I have seen your software for real time data feed.
    I have downloaded the above as per your instructions. I am not getting the data feed as mentioned by you, will you please plug in or configure my amibroker that will catch the real time data from your software.

    my mobile number is 0944465XXXX


  32. SURESH SHAH says

    Mr. Bhavik Patel,

    I have tried your data feeder which is very good and getting charts in amibroker too. I want one inormation that during live market, can we get tick/1-minute data?(one we r getting at end of day as IEOD) like Data Downloader by volume digger is giving?

    Suresh Shah

  33. trader says


    I just installed the software. How can I add all FnO Stocks in one go? Adding them one by one is very cumbersome.


  34. Raj says

    Hi Bhaveek, I downloaded RT data feeder for Yahoo, but after two weeks, it is showing as trial version and for full version subscribe, could u throw some light on this or is there anyway I can get free quotes from Yahoo or Google finance to AmiBroker.

  35. Shikher says

    hello ,
    i have just downloaded the DF but it not working ..i gone step by step as soon as i click ADD Stock it stop working…do i have to register this?
    is it paid now? 7/7/13

  36. Amar says


    dear Sir,

    We are download last three weeks ago, its very good work, but last one week data can not download automatic, only use manually.

    its very difficult , pls help me sir,



  37. Mohan says

    Is this DF free?
    When I started this today, it says , the version installed is trial version and need to register it.
    How to register ?

  38. sarabjeet says

    i downloaded datafeeder……and its backfill fine but not feeding real time data……..list of stocks is just 30… u backfill at 11:29 ( after that start clicked) no update till 11:40 not in even one stock…… i have to backfill……..pls help …….any advise…..

  39. andykool says

    Sir. In my system the data feeder is working well and I can see the chart as long as I use the back fill method. But the charts are not getting automatically refreshed in Real Time. I am using Intraday setting. Using 10 sec. chart refresh rate. I did not forget to hit the start button to start Real Time data feed into Amibroker. Using Amiborker v 4.8, DF v2.9.0.

    Am I missing something?

  40. Ranbeer says

    hi bhaveek,
    from some time now i am facing problem with real time updation in my amibriker. the data feeder is not updating my ami charts.
    only the back fill is working but when i connect it dows not update.
    do u have any solution

  41. Pulakesh Das says

    Please tell me where can i get commodity data feeder.another question market is it work?pls give answer.

  42. NK DAS says

    i am facing problem with real time updation in my amibroker. the data feeder is not updating my ami charts.
    only the back filling is working but when i connect it dose not update.
    pls help me.


  43. vikas says

    hi nitin
    the EOD data is not working..
    i hav tried backfill 5 m and backfill 1 m is working and data can be seen in amibroker
    but EOD not visible i hav changed time interval daily, but not working

  44. Shankar says

    Dear Team,
    I am using data feeder and happy but I has a question…. After I plot a chart get getting updated in real time?? Cos I was not able to find such updates in the chart please help me….

  45. maneesh aggarwal says

    datafeeder and amibroker is not working properly it is updated after refresh everytime . It is not updating automatically.

  46. Ganesh says

    Hi Bhaveek ,
    I have been using datafeeder for past 1 month . It was not updating on ami , so i used to do backfill and update . Now from last 2 days even backfill is not working . It crashes .

    Kindly advise

  47. Ajeet says

    Same problem as above. It connects to amibroker and the stocks get added but as soon as i click on 1m backfill it crashes. Is is some runtime library problem. Pls someone help.

  48. sagaer majithia says


    I am trying to access the system and all it comes up with is that the software has stopped responding after i connect it with ami and that it needs to close. On further probing i found out that it was trying to pull up dw20.exe and after i allow it to do so it crashes. it never happened when i first installed. Same is the problem with my other computer. Os win7/xp. Firewall comodo internet security. Kindly support to fix this issue

  49. Veeru says

    Hai sir,
    I have successfully run the software for 3 days and then facing the Same problem as above. It connects to amibroker and the stocks get added but as soon as i click on 1m backfill it crashes and the details of the problem is as follows:
    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: datafeeder.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 4d04de25
    Problem Signature 04: mscorlib
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4ef6c7cc
    Problem Signature 07: c43
    Problem Signature 08: 59
    Problem Signature 09: System.FormatException
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 16393

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
    Could you please help

  50. SAGAER says

    Hi Bhaveek,

    I have been facing strange issues with my data feeder system and this is persistent even after changing my system and formatting it, it crashes every time I try and back fill data. It Says Real time data feeder stopped working and then closes. Can you do somethig?
    And BTW it says version 3.0+ is available but when i download it is still 2.9 or something. Can you please update the link hopefully that will fix this issue.

    Thanks and regards,

    Sagaer Majithia

  51. ajit says

    Hi everyone,
    I am new for this tool..
    I was running the feeder in the fully functional mode since a week, but suddenly it is saying a trial version today….. any reason. could anyone help me out in this regard. I am using the 3.0.2 version of data feeder.

    thanx in advance

    • ajit says

      interesting thing what I observed is that, it shows trial version during trading( 9.15am to 4.00pm) time only, it shows fully functional otherwise…..any reason…


  52. Pravin Bidkar says

    How can this tool be linked to my own application to read the nifty index real time data (5sec refresh) ?

  53. john says

    Dear sir,

    How I get free EOD and live Real time chart for bank nifty future 5 min,and hourly with out delay of data?

    Please mail me


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