NSE EOD Database, NSE FNO Database, NSE IEOD Database, MCX EOD Database for Amibroker

Friends I am sharing the following databases which has data updated till 28 March 2013. All these database are for Amibroker charting software. Download and share it with your friends and colleagues.

NSE EOD database:


NSE F&O database for stocks and indices:


Download Getbhavcopy application latest update for NSE EOD data and NSE F&O data in Amibroker:


NSE IEOD 2 years data for more than 150 selected stocks and index:


NSE IEOD data downloader and for MCX EOD data:


MCX EOD database in amibroker format:


About Bhaveek Patel

Bhaveek Patel is a technical analyst and investor, his areas of interest includes stock market, forex, gold.


  1. kamal sharma says

    sir, how to set up F&O database in amibroker.When i am selecting database that you have given to download, no symbol is there.How to solve this problem?

  2. jack says

    bhaveek bhai,i am holding long in tata motors future,dlf foture and pnb future,looking at current scenario in international mkt and korean war–i am bit afraid,what should be done,pl guide me,

  3. Raghavendra says

    May I know which version of Amibroker is suitable for this database? I have Amibroker 5.2 and getting error when using this database.


  4. Raghavendra says

    May I know which tool you are using to update the EOD amibroker database? is it free?

    Just wanted to check on this as this database is only till 28th March.

  5. says

    You are a god. You saved me hours of coding. Sometime in the future I plan to collect and give daily data free on Dropbox or something. But first I will focus on improving my trading.

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