How is transaction cost important in trading and how to reduce it

Trading as a career opportunity is thought of many people now a days especially youths. But before considering trading as a career opportunity many things need to be taken care of. While trading is different from investing, people who wants to become professional traders, should follow. Trading comes with lots of transaction charges, these charges always paid by you whenever you trade. Lower ... [Continue Reading]

Free NSE Realtime data to Amibroker, Working application

Our previous application was not working, but don't worry we have a new solution to this problem. Now you can get live Data feed to Amibroker, this can be done through Data Importer 3.0.2 version. We are happy to say that you get this application for free, so no need to pay any subscription charge. Just download this free application, install it and use. Download Data Importer from here. Steps ... [Continue Reading]

Markets in strong uptrend, Buy Nifty Future on every fall

In the month of September 2013, after the nomination of Shri. Narendra modi as BJP's PM candidate we have seen markets getting stronger. Market participants started expecting NDA will form govt at center. As the the exit polls were out, we saw markets creating new all time high, ahead of actual results. On the day of results declaration, we saw nifty touching all time high of 7600, but in last few ... [Continue Reading]

How nifty bottomed out in Feb, trade idea using India VIX

India VIX corelation with Nifty

There is a strong inverse co relation between nifty future and the India vix index (volatility index). We have seen that, when the nifty has stated to fall the vix was rising, as most nifty option writers were of a view that there are chances that nifty reverse its move soon, so the volatility was increasing and not decreasing. Volatility has always remained high before the major economic ... [Continue Reading]

[Updated] MCX EOD database for Amibroker, Free Download

After long waiting, I am here to share the MCX EOD database for amibroker. It is updated till 30.4.2014. As data downloader is no longer working due to changes in the link at So I have downloaded all the data manually and came up with this amibroker database. Also, note that all the inactive scrips have been deleted by me. Click here to download. HOW TO USE: Simply unzip ... [Continue Reading]

Forex: Weak Chinese Numbers Spook Markets, Buy Gold

The U.S. dollar was hammered versus the Yen, trading near its seven week low after a large sell-off made safe havens more attractive. One beneficiary was the Swiss Franc, which reached a three week high against the dollar. Weak Chinese Reports Worry Markets Markets have been rattled by weak manufacturing reports from China that suggest its economy is slowing down. Manufacturing activity fell ... [Continue Reading]