Medium term analysis for Bata India stock [Video]

As promised we are staring the series of the publishing videos of our technical analysis. Stock for the analysis for medium term is Bata India, watch below video for complete analysis. Buy BataIndia near 740 level for medium term target as 990 level, stop loss must be placed below 715. Risk reward ratio is very favorable to take this trade. If you have any queries just comment below for ... [Continue Reading]

Technical Analysis: How Double top pattern is traded

Double top pattern

Double top pattern is one of most simple and reliable pattern in technical analysis, there is high probability that a trader will predict correct move most of time. This pattern is very easy to recognize and taking positions is quite simple. You can apply this to any time frame chart may it be weekly, daily or any intraday time frame chart. Have a look at the below image. Steps to ... [Continue Reading]

Trade using Gartley Pattern, Learn and trade patterns

Bearish Gartley Pattern

Another interesting tradable pattern is the Gartley Pattern. The Gartley pattern one of those most traded pattern, which takes advantage of higher risk reward ratio. This pattern shows major reversal points in market, also it works with slowing momentum if not reversal. So most of the time you will apply this pattern in medium term chart like weekly chart. Fibonacci retracements play important ... [Continue Reading]

Technical Analysis: Ascending triangle pattern formed in Idea Cellular

Idea Triangle Pattern Breakout

Idea cellular is one of our technical analysis pick today, we see a ascending triangle pattern on weekly chart. If I tell you this pattern is a bi-directional pattern so breakout in such patterns can happen in either side. So we are not certain about the trade that a trader must be taking. In such situations we should keep patience and wait for the breakout first, but as markets are extremely ... [Continue Reading]

List of Stocks trading below Rs.2 on NSE, Indian Penny Stocks

Friends here is list of penny stocks that are trading in NSE and as all the stocks are trading below Rs.2 on NSE we see very limited downside in them. Also Nifty future is continuously making higher tops and higher bottoms we see these stocks will also attract liquidity and may trade higher. So my advice will be to invest into these stocks, with maximum total investment of Rs.30,000. These stocks ... [Continue Reading]