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Our previous application was not working, but don’t worry we have a new solution to this problem. Now you can get live Data feed to Amibroker, this can be done through Data Importer 3.0.2 version. We are happy to say that you get this application for free, so no need to pay any subscription charge. Just download this free application, install it and use.

Download Data Importer from here.

Steps to get started:

  1. Download the Data importer.
  2. Remove the Data feeder application, if you used it previously.
  3. Install Data importer.
  4. Open Amibroker.
  5. Create a new Database for saving Intraday data.
  6. In Amibroker, Goto File menu > New > Database.
  7. Click on Create button.
  8. Select Data Source as (Local Database).
  9. Enter no of bars as 10000.
  10. Base time interval as 1 minute.
  11. Click on Intraday settings.
  12. In filtering, select Show day session only.
  13. in trading hours (day session), enter 09:16 as start and 15:30 as end.
  14. Click on Ok.
  15. Again click on Ok, to save database settings.

Now, keep Amibroker open and Start Data importer, and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Red color button, to connect to Amibroker (it will become green).
  2. Click on ADD button to add stocks in list.
  3. Once done, click on ADD STOCKS button, this will add this stock list to Amibroker.
  4. Now select all these stocks on Data importer and click on Backfill – 5 minutes.
  5. Now you will be able to see the data on Amibroker.
  6. During market hours, when you click on Start button in Data importer. Live data will be shown in Amibroker.

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1 kaustub

This data importer software is working nice. I am able to download live nse data for free. thanks u very much


2 option trader

can we download cds i.e currency data live, i am now getting nse live data.


3 vivek

Do i need to uninstall previous nse data feeder?
i have downloaded it from your site only.


4 s.kumar

Minimum refresh rate is 5 sec, can i have it 1 second as this will reduce delay in data feeds.

Also I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful application. :)


5 Brin

Nice application i was looking for free nse data feeder for backtesting few strategies in amibroker and this application did my work.


6 bharath

Data importer is working fine, but back fill is just 1 day and 5 days. How can we have more historical data? awaiting for your reply.


7 jayesh

How to get mcx commodities live data feed in data importer for free?


8 Hitesh Mogre

How to add sensex and bse100 scrip to data importer. Also can you share a video or something about how to trade using live data.


9 mehul kulkarni

I want to attach nse data importer with matastock for live data. Pls share process.


10 chandan

First of all thanks for sharing data importer for nse live data. I want to know more about your trading account. I am ready to open an account with you, so please guide me with all the details. call me on 9725xxxxxx


11 mayur

when i try to add stock all time same dialog come SELECTING STOCK IS ALREADY THERE IN THE LIST but there are no stock , plz slow my problem ,


12 gjazz


I am getting error – another version is already installed on your laptop.
Cant find it. is it some form of kill switch to stop installing the free unregistered version?


13 gopi

data feeder saying Trail mode not able to more than 2 stocks please check …from july 1st it saying like that.


14 mani vardhan

when i try to add stock all time same dialog come SELECTING STOCK IS ALREADY THERE IN THE LIST but there are no stock , plz slow my problem ,




Dear sir,

we download data importer 3.0.2, but he open only trial mode.

Pls help me.




Dear Sir,

we find data importer side, he launch new data importer 3.6.0. & he is paid software.




17 Amol

Data imported which is on ur site is trail version and not full version.
Can you paste the full vesion..


18 Pramod

It seems the trial version is now delayed by 15 minutes


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